Close Mozilla Firefox Pop Up Window

I am trying to automate scenarios for my client. Whenever a “scenario 1” is completed(Say adding products to cart and doing a payment), I am closing the firefox so as to clear cookies everytime a flow is completed. But when scenario 2 is about to start, I am getting the below window. When I click Close Firefox, the automation starts again smoothly.
Any idea what can be done to avoid this? Shall try catch will work? I can’t come up with much ideas.

You can use two activities here.

  1. First check if the pop up exists, if exists , then use kill process to close the firefox
  2. Use attach window and then inside, click activity to click on the button or
  3. Hope sending hot key will work

Sure! I will give a try. Thanks much!

I am trying to click on a sub category after hovering over a category but the sub category disappears after the delay of 3 seconds is over and hence, I cannot click on it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hover mouse on a category option
  2. Then click on any sub menu(Dress, Tops etc)

I followed the process mentioned in the below link:

How to Capture a Mouse Event on Hover Menus?

How to Capture Mouse Event on Hover Menus? UiPath Studio Guides.

but the submenu disappears as soon as the 3 seconds are over.
Sending hotkey, 3 seconds pause did not work.

Could please provide the solution to this hover and click issue?

what condition should I put to for pop-up existence in “condition”?

@Ashish_Verma Before using open browser for Mozilla kill the the Mozilla process so the pop wont appear.