Firefox live elements and close tab


I am having problems attaching to live elements using Firefox. I make the initial “indicate on screen” and follow up with the target/ selector to adjust for dynamic html. When I click an equivalent page on follow up, I get a “could not attach to live element”. All I am trying to do is close the Firefox browser but alt/ f4, alt/w using hotkeys both require “indicate on screen” which gives me the selector problem.

I have also tried close tab but this does not work with Firefox.

I have reviewed other posts on the topic of Firefox but none seem to address this issue.

Unfortunately I need to use Firefox. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have the Firefox extension?

@badita Yes, I do have the FF extension.

What FF version? Seems it does not work in 54.
Why aren’t you using IE?

UiPath is not recognizing Firefox 54 elements. It only does cursor locations.

I uninstalled Firefox 5, then downloaded/installed Firefox 52. UiPath works flawless with Firefox 52. It recognized all the elements on the page. When I upgraded to Firefox 54, UiPath no longer recognized the page elements in Firefox 54.

You asked why IE wasn’t being used - I would hope UiPath would support Firefox, Chrome and IE. It should be browser agnostic.

Any ideas why I can’t get UiPath to work with Firefox 54?

Hi guys. Issues with FF 54 will be fixed soon, meanwhile use an older version if you can.

While we try to support them IE is always the safe choice…because it does not requires an add-on and we offer native compatibility with IE.

Sometimes Firefox/Chrome breaks the compatibility UiPath’s add-on when they are updating their software which means that we may need to come with a fix.

Thanks for the reply badita. I understand the concept of a primary port. Since IE is MSFT based it makes perfect sense as the primary port.

One of the lessons I’ve learned about RPA is that change control is critical. Having a controlled environment is absolutely essential for any production RPA system.

Has anyone had any experience using remote desktops in Azure?

Hi @badita. I am inputting data to a SAAS package called EMERGEAPP. This package does not support IE so I am forced to use FF or Chrome.