Not able to close popup appears in web applications

While browsing the web application user get’s redirect to a separate window which is not attached to browser. On that window after click on one button; user is getting one success pop-up which needs to be close. That success pop-up has two close buttons one is at the top right and another is at right side of the bottom. I have tried using “attache window” but not able to close it.

Hi @Bhushan

What about if you would use Send hotkey activity with “esc” key?

Hi @ovi

I have tried using Send hotkey activity with “esc” key. It is not closing the popup. Nothing is happened.

@Bhushan Then Click image might be helpful in this case. Indicate the button for closing and give it a try.


Does pop up close when you manually hit “ESC” key if yes then “SendHotKey” must work.
Just make sure It’s focused by using appropriate selector.
If no as @ovi suggested make use of image automation.

Hi, I am facing a similar issue. I also get a pop up which can be closed either by OK click or pressing escape. I tried click image, find image, image found, find image, find element, element exists. However, UIP is not tracing the selector value in any case. Kindly guide on this.

Hi @VijayantYadav ,

Image exist and Send Hotkey activities does the job.
Can you give a try and let me know.

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I have the same problem.I can’t send hotkey “esc” to close pop up in java web application.
I need help.

Hello @ddpadil,

Can you help me ?

Did you try all the above mentioned approaches like image exist ?
How do you manually close the popup ? are there any button?

Yes i have done that but it doesn’t work.
I can close the popup manually by clicking in “OK” button or click “esc” on keyboad.

Then image exist/sendhotkey should work.

  • Make sure when you hit sendhotkey it must be focused on the popup window(try to find reliable selector using UiExplorer and pass it in sendhotkey selector property )

  • And for the Image exist try to focus on short offset of image(not entire popup window ,only OK button)

  • Try to set WaitForReady option to complete.

If still no success then please attach workflow.

@ddpadil and all

Let me know if any one found the solution
My requirement - popup will come only some time not all the times, I need to identify if exist or not then click OK

I tried multiple suggestions given in form


Is your pop up similar to this one?

Hey @vvaidya , thanks for response , yes it is similar


Check if are able to close this pop up using Uipath? I’m able to on my end in Chrome.

Chrome.xaml (9.2 KB)

Hi @vvaidya thank you for response , I tried your solution, click can work if active sector is found , selector is not working for the same, any idea if I have to change some settings of browser OR any Image based solution

Try Element Exisits with below selector with a specified timeout. If exisits, pass the same selector into Click activtiy.

<ctrl name='* says:' role='dialog' />
<ctrl name='OK' role='push button' />
<ctrl name='OK' role='client' />

Image Automation should work irrespective of Browser/Environment, but depends on accuracy.What did you try with Image Automation? What was the result?

Hi @vvaidya finally done by using Image exist , followed by decision activity , if true - Click Image

PFB and check

Chrome Popup Image.xaml (30.6 KB)

thanks this worked for me!

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