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I’ve been trying to close an active pop up window - I’ve tried send hot key + ESC button/click activity + literal click on the close x button of the active pop up window/attaching the browser window plus the two methods mentioned earlier and I’m having no luck. I’ve had a look at the below thread link, tried the methods and got nowhere. I’ve even put the closure methods inside a retry activity and utilised delays please help!

Esc not working!

Unfortunately I cannot add an attachment to this thread as I am a new user :frowning

Hi @JeffNZ1, can you try using the following activities:

  • “Get Active Window”: You can give the pop-up as your active window and then perform operations within it

  • “Set Focus”: This will set the keyboard focus to a specific element, and you can then use hotkeys.

Please let me know if either method works! Good luck! :grinning:

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