Esc not working

Hi Guys,
I am trying to close the window, prior to closing a windw i want to close pop-up window, for which i am uisng send hotkey - esc but it doesnt escape the popup window.


pls advice

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@Rani1978 Hai Buddy… U also use click activity & indicate the selector on screen in ( cancel or ok button) It will be more useful


Hey @Rani1978

Apart from what @Nandhuba mentioned, you can try including the hot key button inside attach browser activity and run it. It should work as I have tried it multiple times…

If you can capture the pop up using click activities, then I would also suggest to go ahead using that approach. First check whether pop up exists, and if existd, click on it to close it…

Thanks Nandhuba for suggestion, I could use click activity but just wanted to know why esc doesnt work. I am using the click activity now. Thanks for help.


Thanks Lahiru. I am using the click activity now to close the pop-up.

@Rani1978 :kissing_heart: super

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