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Hello great community,

I’m copying the data (includes tables and text) from a website using Ctrl + A. Now the data is on Clipboard.

Manual: When I’m pasted into a word document using Ctrl + V. The way it looks in the website got reflected in the word document.

Robot: I created a sequence to append the clipboard text into the word document using Word application scope-> append text. But, the tables and formatting didn’t reflected in the word document except broken pieces of text.

What is the ideal approach to copy and paste the data into the word document?

Thank you in advance.

Have the robot do it the same manual way.

I am preferring the background processing of the task instead of coming up with the challenge like Open/use application and then activating the window, pasting and saving the document.


I assume you are using the UiPath Word Activities, right?

Try getting the text from the clipboard, putting it to a string variable, and then use the append the text to the word document.

I have done as mentioned above. But I’m losing the formatting like tables.

Can you send me an exemple of how you want it to show on the document and how it`s showing? Or even send me the text you want to put in there so I can run some tests here.

Did you try right click and choose paste with formatting?

Word application scope-> append text .

It’s a background process. So, I didn’t tried that.

Hi @Robotman ,

can you try this one ? In this package, it has an activity called paste.

in the video , you can get the explanation.


This is why you have to just do it the manual way. None of the activities get the text from the document with formatting included.

Yes. Finally I have gone through manual way. :smiley:

Thank you all for your suggestions. All are acceptable. :clap:

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