Bot creation for opening word doc?

Hi all,
Can anyone please suggest that how to create a bot for opening and Copying the textthe word documents from folder and to paste text in google form text box…Please let me if anyone have solution on this…

Hi @praveenchintu374 ,

Have you Checked the Activities present in UiPath.Word.Activities Package ?

Yeah @supermanPunch
I have gone through word activities but i need workflow for opening the word file, copying the text and pasting in google form description text box

@praveenchintu374 ,

Is it Necessary to open the word documents in foreground ?

Using Word Activities we can Read Text in Word document and we can then Copy Paste the Text into Google Form in the Background, would not need to open the document.

Is there only a certain part that you would want to Copy ?

Yeah i have tried that but can you please tell me how to copy and paste after reading using read text file activity…

Once after reading …i have stored in variable…can you please tell me then what’s next?

@praveenchintu374 ,

You could use Clipboard Activities :


Then use Send HotKey Activity on the Google Form Text Box :

Thanks…But i have to copy the text which bot read using Read text

@praveenchintu374 , The Output of Read Text Activity is Stored in a variable, say wordOutput which is of type String.

This variable need to be passed to Set to ClipBoard Activity and then Perform the operations as mentioned in my previous post.

The Set To ClipBoard Activity will copy the output Text from Read Text Activity into the ClipBoard, which you can then paste using Ctrl+V hotkeys.


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Thanks mate…it was working as expected

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