Word Activities - Word document Automation

This activity pack allows users to manipulate a Word file

This pack enables you to perform some cool operations in Word documents such as:

  1. Copy Word document and paste into another with formatting
  2. Copy Paste specific content
  3. Replace text
  4. Text Formatting
  5. Get Page Count
  6. Insert Header
  7. Insert Footer
  8. Insert Table
  9. Create Paragraph with Heading
  10. Text Exists

Now, you can download it from UiPath Go!! - https://go.uipath.com/component/vk-word-activities#




Thanks bro. Great work :smiley:



Awesome work bro!! :smiley:



Great work,

Keep amazing community.

Pavan H


How do I use the formatting to format text that I am adding? It keeps getting errors

What is the error? @UiUser

if i use replace activity to manipulate a word file, it takes much time if there are more than 7 word/sentences replaced by robot.

Any suggestion or idea how to make it faster?


Welcome to the community, @aliaga.

This is the best way so far… It depends upon the system configuration as well. However you create your own custom code using third party libraries.


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Dear @vikaskulhari ,

i know it the best way so far, but the word document i had only contain one page and i have to replace more than 10 different value in one file (took around 23s/file), if it possible if i make all text in word file in one string and only replace one string than replace all different value one by one instead?


Hi Vikas/aliaga,

I am new to Uipath Community. How can i save my word document with new name/timestamp after every run.

Hi @Satish_Ch,

im new to here, but i can tell you that you can use copy file activity and set path(Sourcepath) and Destination (Path Destination with new filename)
Note :
You can have to check or uncheck the overwrite if you want the robot replace the file if find same directory and same file and not get error.


@Satish_Ch, to keep a unique name you can add datetime stamp with the filename.

filename+now.tostring("ddMMyyhhmmss") + ".docx"


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Thank you, Will try that

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Hello Vikas,

Could you please share the package since I’m not able to get it from UiPath Market place.

Thank you

Hi @Suchitra91,

Please find the package at the mentioned link - Word Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Make sure you are logged into the market place using your account.

Please mark it as solved if this is helpful.

Hi Vikas,

I have downloaded this and placed in my UiPath packages folder. But still i’m not able to see the in Local while adding manage packages. Could you please advice on this?

Thanks in advance!!