Client use of the automation process

The team I am working with is trying to automate a business form process that we have successfully done. We wanted to know is there a way for use to send this to the clients so they can use the automation but not have to download UiPath software.

Hello Kalp, welcome to the UiPath forum.

To execute an automation in a machine you only need to install the UiPath Robot, without Studio.
As long as your solution is published into the Orchestrator, it can be installed in the target machine and executed in an attended mode (installing UiPath Assistant) or unattended mode.

Hi @Kalp_Patel

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The processed automated using UiPath is required the either the Bot runner (UiRobot) or Studio to run in any environment. Mostly important the UiPath services should be in running state and establishing a connection with orchestrator.

Hope this will help you. Thank you.