Can we run UiPath workflow on a machine where UiPath studio is not installed?

Hi. Can we run uipath workflow on a machine where uipath studio is not installed? How do we deliver the UiPath file to the client. Do we need to install UiPath Studio on client PCs? Please let me know the steps.


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Hi @Chetan_Vijay,

No, Without the studio you can run the workflows just publish the package and upload the same in different machine and you can trigger the Robot from tray as well as from Orchestrator.



If you have the Enterprise license, then you can achieve this.

You need the platform Installer to install only Robot(UiPath Assistant) to the machine

But in community edition you don’t have such option

Once your development completed you have to publish your workflow maybe connected to orchestrator or Local package and you can trigger from orchestrator / local uipath assistant

Hope this may help you