Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment

Can anyone help me to submit assignment 1 , I submitted 6 times but the result is 0/100, even my assignment working properly

first run the complete assignment on or laptop/Pc then upload it.

it will work

@Rao_P My guess is that the string you enter into the Calc Hash website is incorrecty formatted, e.g. there might be spaces in the string.

Log the string to the System Console and verify that it is formatted according to the instructions in the assignment.

Also in ACME System1, you can go to User options->Check training assignments to see your score. This way you can make sure that you have a passing score before submitting your assigment to UiPath Academy.

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I checked in Acme system 1 - It says Failed, How to find the reason of FAIL

Its running Properly but in Acme system it says failed, How to find out the reason of Fail

Did you check if the string you type into the Calc Hash website is correctly formatted? Could you post a screenshot of the website after your bot has entered the string?

if your code successfully completes only 80% of transactions then upload it on uipath acadmy they will give you 80% marks but if you manually done the transactions or after running bot clear the data of acme portal then they will also give you 0% marks. So first run the bot and let it complete the transactions then upload your assignment they will pass you.