How to Deploy my application and run client computer

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i am creating application .i am publish application ,i got nuget file in (C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages) how to run this application in client computer

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Can you elaborate more to easily address your issue.

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Hi @Maulik_Blueboxinfoso,
If by application you mean workflow then you need to install robot on client computer and connect it to the Orchestrator on which your project has been published. If you don’t want to use Orchestrator you can run nuget package with the project on client’s computer with a command:

UiRobot -file "<path to nupkg file" 
(example -> UiRobot -file "C:\UiPath\Package\Notepad.1.0.6682.21636.nupkg")

–we got two options
either we can use ORCHESTRATOR and publish this package to that orchestrator
–once after publishing the package we can connect our CLIENT machine to the orchestrator and run that package out there
to connect a machine to orchestrator


–we can copy the nuget file and use it in client machine like we can EXTRACT THE FILES FROM THE NUGET FILE and then execute it

But both the options must have uipath robot installed in them
to install robot alone here you go

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Thank you for answering. can you please elaborate this process…

Here you have list of possible commands to UiRobot.exe:

Please notice that path mentioned at the beginning of this site refers to the Enterprise Edition of Studio/Robot. In case of Community Edition it’s ‘C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath<actual version of Studio folder>’

One of the command listed there is image which allows to run packages directly using UiRobot.

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