Client certificate in http activity

Hi everyone,
When it is recommended to use the client certificate in http activity?


It’s required if server system uses SSL/TLS client authentication. So it depends on system specification.


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how can i use the authorization token? I checked in the postman app by turning the SSL setting then i got the response that it is working . But when i turned it on it is not working .Quite strange! But how should i use this API token for authorization in http activity to get the result.?


Client Certificate property of HTTP request activity is for establishing HTTPS connection. So, this property is unrelated with API token in general. (If you have any problem with HTTPS connection. it might be caused lack of trusted root certificate.)
Can you check specification of the API? Probably it’s described where you should set the authentication data.


i am unable to understand this - specification of API . How to check that?

The authentication data is to be set in the beginning .then only the bot will be able to make the connection .


For example, specification of MS Vision API is the following.

BTW, if you send the request using HTTP request activity, which number returns in status code property?

the status code is 500

My bot has to connect the client’s web service via rest api .so it needs to pass the authorization step first by providing the API token provided by them. I am using http activity for this where i am providing the parameters :
Endpoint : the url of the web service application that i need to open.
Timeout ; 6000
Request method : POST
Accept Response as : JSON
Authentication : OAuth2
Access Token : API token provided by them for authorization.
I have checked these parameters in postman app it is working there but by turning off the SSL certificate verification.
But it is showing 500 (internal server error ) in uipath.

Where am i missing?


If you got 500 as status code, the problem is unrelated with HTTPS connection. Did you get any error message in result property in HTTP request activity?

you mean in the variable that i have created in result property

Yes. There might be some hints to solve this matter.

actually i have not created any variable there yet . I am just using http activity ,giving the parameters and previewing it. There only in the response info i am getting code 500 (internal server error)


I think another investigation method is using local proxy tool such as Burp Suite and check if HTTP request from UiPath is same with Postman’s one.

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are you asking me to check the url to connect the web service?

Hi Ankita, Did you get a solution ?

I also need to make a call to an API endpoint which uses SSL/TLS client authentication, In postman i am able to get response only when i turn off ‘SSL Certificate Verification’ option so i believe i need to provide client certificate in Http Request activity. The documentation says I need to provide the path to the client certificate but I am not sure how to get this.

Can someone help me to understand how i can get or create a client certificate. I have the server certificate of the endpoint as .cer file but what to do to get client certificate and how to create a client password. Is the client password of the HTTP request activity mandatory when we use the client certificate.


Hi Bejoy,

You need to inform the API team who have created this API as they are the one who can confirm on the certificate part.
Yes the client password of the HTTP request activity mandatory when we use the client certificate.

i have informed the API team and they told that they have made some changes due to which i am facing this issue . They will update and inform. It may be the same in your case . Reach out to the API team.

i have checked with the postman app and found the issue. Thanks for your suggestion.

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