Send HTTP Request with p12 certificate

I am trying to send an API call to the website that requires authorization with p12 certificate
But I receive the following error
" URL didn’t accept your login certificate"
Please advise



Can you try to set file path of the pkcs#12 file to ClientCertificate property of HTTP request activity? (also probably need to set password to ClientCertificatePassword property)

See the following document in details.


@VRish - can you share the screenshot of http request activity??
have you passed certification in http request?

@Yoichi, yes, the certificate is provided as well as password
@GBK, please see attached


pls verify is the api in postman - is it working fine with those input & client certificates?
if yes - pls check the inputformat for the api and keep the same format in http request…

@GBK yes, that’s good point but Postman accepts only .crt but not .p12 certificates


maybe request for a certificate and try…

@GBK, sorry, didn’t quite get what you mean. could you please clarify?

@VRish - 1- can you check the input type in postman - is it json? if yes - pls change the http request input -> acceptformat change to json … if no - change as per postman …

2- to identify the root cause of the certificate issue … you can refer below link and add the code in invoke code activity and log ssl handshakes…