Failure in http activity

My bot has to connect the client’s web service via rest api .so it needs to pass the authorization step first by providing the API token provided by them. I am using http activity for this where i am providing the parameters :
Endpoint : the url of the web service application that i need to open.
Timeout ; 6000
Request method : POST
Accept Response as : JSON
Authentication : OAuth2
Access Token : API token provided by them for authorization.
I have checked these parameters in postman app it is working there but by turning off the SSL certificate verification.
But it is showing 500 (internal server error ) in uipath.

Where am i missing? Can anyone help me regarding this?

500 error typically indicates an issue with the client’s web service (or you are passing unsupported things). Because it works in postman (without ssl), I’d suggest contacting the person who maintains the Client’s web service and letting them know that you’re experiencing an issue with the SSL. Their certificate may be expired (which they will need to fix on their end), or you may need to add something to your computer to recognize the certificate properly - but if they’ve set up something like this then they should be able to provide you instructions on what to change.

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Thank you .will contact them then .

what do u mean by passing unsupported things here?

Sometimes if you have something wrong in the body or parameters of the request you’ll get odd errors back. Like if you had a parameter with a typo in it. A robust web service will return an error along the lines of “Error - Expecting parameter X” or other details of what went wrong, but if the people who made the web service haven’t checked for a specific error it can return a generic 500 error because the web service doesn’t know how to deal with it.

This definitely isn’t the case with your issue because if it works in postman you know that your request is correct.

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yes. The issue is from the API team’s part regarding the network certificate.