How to send client certificate with http login request

Hi All,

I need your help on UiPath as I am new to this tool.

I have a requirement where I need to validate the BOT/Non BOT user based on individual user certificates . When MFA is turned on for a client it will first check if a client certificate exists in http request for login, if it does it will use the certificate thumbprint to complete the MFA requirement( for BOT users). If a certificate for a given user does not exist it will use one of the two MFA options of sending a token in email or text to the user (based on configuration) to successfully complete the MFA process(Normal user)

I have installed the UiPath but don’t see a way to send a client certificate in http request.

Please suggest if there is any tool in UiPath to send client certificate in http request and handle response in cookies

Any suggestion/reference would be great…


How about HTTP request activity in UiPath.WebAPI.Activities package?


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Thanks Yoichi for suggestion. I will setup this package and test!!

UI Path Web activity will not work as clients are using BOT user. Is there a way to pass client certificate in login request itself as header instead of HTTP request activity?

Please assist…