Clicking on sub menu element

So there is a scenario is like

Clicking on sub menu text

Issuance–>search -->search coustomer

What activities I need to automate this scenario


Use click activity and open it in the UiExplorer and show us the snap…


Hi @chandolusathi.kumar ,

Try using click activity.
Click the Main menu, use element exist to check whether the sub menu exist, if exist then use click activity for sub menu.

But it is not working

Actually the menu is no need to click on it…

When the mouse cursor is placed on the element

It will show the sub menu and then move the mouse on the sub menu item another sub menu will appear so then I want to click on the element appear…

Issuance–>search -->search coustomer

Use Hover activity to place the mouse cursor on the required element, if needed use Simulate hover in properties to work in background.


Now you can proceed with element exist for each sub menu and click activity for the element to be clicked

Could you please help me giving the images for the solution u mentioned…


Just click on the first Folder and copy the selector and paste it in a notepad

in the same way click on the Sub folder copy those selectors and paste it in a same notepad

Check the Selectors which are changing?

Then modify the selectors This will click on that folder


Thank you for your work…

I know about Hover but I need to click on the sub menu text of sub menu…

First move the mouse cursor on the issuance

Then the sub menu list is displayed(search)

So just move the crusor on the listed sub menu item no(search)

Then it will gives the next sub menu items(search coustomer)

Then I need to click on the listed element named as search coustomer…

Please try this once I let me know the solution

Have you tried with going straight to that page “search customer”? If it has it’s own link. Otherwisse you could try with Inject js Script.

Have you done the free training on UiPath’s web site? It covers things like this, which are very basic.

I know the activities which is like Hover and click text and etc…


If u know the answer help us others don’t think like they don’t know…

No it was not working…

When you move the crusor on the issuance element then it will gives you the sub menu list and then move the crusor on to the search element then another sub menu is opened then click on the search coustomer element…

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