Hover and click sub menu

Anyone knows how to solve the problem that when running the process from orchestrator, hovering the main menu and clicking the sub menu is not working, as it says “Text not found”, yet when running from studio, it works?

selector for hover:
webctrl aaname=‘Dropdown’
parentid=‘Menu1’ tag=‘A’

Hi @TyraS

Could you explain little more to understand the problem, is there a screenshot of how the sub menu looks?


Hello @TyraS ,

What is the selector that you have provided in the hover activity? Also if it some text values, is it available in the screen during the execution?

hi there is no screenshot. it is just a navigation menu when hover over, there are options, where i have to click on one of them . like a normal hover menu. during studio run, it works with just hover and select the option. something like this:

yes it is available during execution (running from the studio). not sure about when running from orchestrator, as i wont be able to see?
the “Text not found” error occurs for the selection of sub, so means that hover activity is success?" added the selector in the post

@TyraS Did you used click Text activity?
Also have you given proper delay after the hover? If both are yes, can you try with the normal click activity instead of the Click Text

yes was using click text. changed to click activity with simulated click and it works now thankyou!

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