What is the best alternative for Type Into for Excel?

What is the best alternative for Type Into for Excel?

Any issues with type into that you are specifically trying to avoid? Or are you looking for sending keyboard shortcuts into excel?

So, When we use Type Into, we need to select the point on the screen. But, unfortunately the Excel file that I am working on is not letting me. Is there A way I can resolve it or maybe use some other function.

Here are some activities that help you choose where to write in excel sheet. As such you wont be able to get selectors for cells in excel sheet, as far as I know.

You can choose a cell by using Select Range
Then Type into activity to write your content (selecting the excel sheet area to type into). Use an enter or tab to come out of the cell after writing the content.

You can also type into the formula bar at the top, after you select your cell.

Another way of doing it, which just crossed my mind, is to use Click Text activity to click on a specific cell with any given content in the selector and then do the same as above.


@kaderms Thanks a lot for the reply.:grinning: I was reading the data through a csv using READ CSV function, and then writing into my excel file using TYPE INTO.
But at certain places I was not able to select(click) on the particular cell which need to be filled.

I tried using the WRITE CELL activity but its function is very limited. It only works for a specific file and we also need to specify the entire link of that file using using EXCEL APPLICATION SPACE. But I am trying to use it for more general use like if I open a new Excel file and start typing without even saving it.


also, the Data Table activities are really useful for changing or manipulating your data. Also there is an Append Range for Workbook. So if you have a data row, for example, use Assign Activities to update it, then use Append Range with the datarow.CopyToDataTable.

There are various tricks like that, but I don’t fully understand the problem you are solving.

Additionally, you can uncheck the AutoSave in the Excel Scope and it won’t save every time you use a Write Cell… from my understanding.