Click Trigger not activating the handler

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to do a little automation for myself, in which robot could catch a clicking in one application, and transfer the data to automatically fill the form in the browser with the data retrieved from that app, which is appearing after clicking that button.

Unfortunately, application is not really friendly with UiPath. Click trigger activity is not working in that specific app, for testing purposes I’ve made another path - and robot was trying to catch pressing the button in Windows calculator, which was done without problem - and the handler was triggered successfully.

Later I found out that when I open UiExplorer while robot was waiting for event to handle, when I retried to select that button, the event handler is working - but only when I click the button via UiExplorer, which has no result on my application.

I assume it’s a bug, but how to handle that? I’ve tried top 3 latest UiPath.Automation.Activities packages, and every (except for the latest, pre-release, which is not working at all) has the same result.

Strange thing is that selector for that button contains 3 different tags.

Maybe it’s worth noting that the app from which I’m trying to catch the button click event, was created in Delphi. UiExplorer is recognizing every single UiElement without any problems, except for click events.

Thanks for any responses!

Hi there @fordern

Seems like the trigger eents might not have been configured properly for that application (have you tried all frameworks {Active access, Ui and default} from Uiexplorer) and trigger events are always attended right? So did you try running it un-attended by any chance (i have to ask this to eliminate any possibility of a miss-step)

If none of the cases are true then can you share your xaml, let me look through it

Yes, I’ve tried all three frameworks - Active Access provides slightly different selectors, but neither method is working.

Yes, the event will always be attended.

I’ve tried performing ‘Click’ action, and robot does it without any problems.

Hell, even highlighting element works without any issues.

The strangest thing is that robot detects trigger event, when I run the process in the background (debug mode), and open UiExplorer, and then click on the button while trying to create a selector for that button. But only in that situation.

Okay I didnt quite get what you are trying to do here… can you please elaborate this more, lets triage this :slight_smile:

I’m trying to develop a normal attended robot, which will fill the form in browser opened in the background (if it will be possible, I’ll try to fill it without bringing the window to the top, but I’ll develop that later - that’s not the point for now). Data necessary for filling that form will be available after I’ll press a button in my app.

Robot recognizes the button, selector is created successfully, Click and Highlight activities points on the correct Ui element.
But, when I try to create a click trigger activity, and provide the same selector, for some reason it’s not working. Robot is simply not detecting the clicking on the button.
But, what’s more strange, when I start my process in debug mode, and then open UiExplorer, and try to inspect that button by clicking inside Indicate Element tool, for some reason robot detects the trigger event. As event handler, I’ve created a simple message box, and it’s properly activated, even though the target button inside m app is not clicked (since I’m just selecting it in Indicate Element tool). After the Indicate Element tool is closed, and we’re back in UiExplorer with selector editor menu, it’s not working anymore.

Is it more clear now? :blush:

One more note - I’ve trying to detect if selector might change during the click, and check if that’s the reason for not detecting the click event, but no - every attribute remains the same.

Have you checked whether your robot service is running all the time without restrictions? It is essential that service is running so that the robot can keep track of events for the trigger…

Can you tell me the studio and robot version/edition?

As I said, robot is able to catch click events from other apps (like Calculator from Windows), so I don’t think there’s an issue with that. I’ll check that once more, by running Robot with admin rights.

I’m using latest release of Studio and Robot, I’ve downloaded it yesterday.

Yeah please check the service and also don’t use the beta(preview) version rather use the 2019.9 stable version.

if still issues persist it might be related to application behavior(you haven’t mentioned which app it is or I missed it) and Iw ill have to maybe take a look at the xaml. Seems pretty straightforward yet seems like there are issues :smiley:

Well, the app cannot really be changed - it’s pretty old, and I can’t share it with you, due to licensing rules, and there was no demo version of that app.

I think I’m using a stable version of studio (not sure if 2019.9, or 2019.10 - it updated automatically after obtaining a licence), and package UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities in version 19.7.0 - stable version as well.

I’ll check that tomorrow anyway, and come back with a response. Thanks for some advices.