How can I click on a button without getting detected by a web page?

Hello everyone,

I am having issues with an automation process i created, It was working fine before but lately i’ve been getting an error from the page I’m working on because apparently it is detecting that the a robot is performing the action, when I click the button manually it works fine. So far I have tried clicking somewhere near the button and hovering before actually clicking but I haven’t had any luck.

Thanks in advance, any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Can you share the screenshot of error or warning message? Does the message block you from clicking the button?

It’s not an actual uipath error.

The process is like this, I click a button and I expect to get a confirmation message

When I do this manually, I get the expected message but when I run my sequence, the robot actually clicks the button but I never see the message.

Do you want to see the button and then click it manually to confirm the message?

If you want robot to click the button, you may put a Delay activity so that you have enough time to see the message.

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Sometimes the our robot cannot detect the element because of the speed in loading or faster in performing the action.

can we maintain a delay for 3 to 4 seconds to get the element to perform.

Reference: The Delay Activity


simply we can use element exist activity if the element exists then only the certain action will perform.




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In UiPath - CLICK ACTIVITY try enabling double click property

  • ClickType - Specifies the type of mouse click (single, double, up, down) used when simulating the click event. By default, single click is selected.


Use a SEND HOT KEY activity and indicate that element and use enter as key and give a try

Cheers @lsl

Hi @lsl,

Can you share us the screenshot of the click activity property which would be help us to suggest a better result.


Hi @90s_Developer

thanks for your reply, here’s the screenshot with the activity properties


In the above screenshot which you have shared, you have enabled ContinueOnError which has set the value as True where eventhough the BOT faces an error in that activity it will continue without throwing an error to the user.

Disable it and try to run it once and if you face an issue, share that error screenshot.


Hi @lsl ,

pls follow the suggestion from @90s_Developer un check the continue on error check box it will help us to understand what exception we are facing and also as per the screenshot i understood that you are using double click in the properties is it requirement to double click the button or single click is sufficient. if you are manually clicking the button only single click change it to single click. thanks.