Click simultaneously in UIPATH

Hi. I want to know if how do you click all links given in your search term.

For example,
I searched “How do you wash your hands?” in google. Then there are a lot of links.
I want to click all links retrieved and scrape it in a data.

Thank you

Hi @pprincsipe,

You could achieve it by using the following strategies:

  1. Data Scraping and later on Click Text
  2. Get Ancestor activity then Click element

Hi @pprincsipe, does it has to be done simultaneously?
If you need to scrape the result URL later, wouldn’t it better to click one the scrape the result, then go to the next one?

Hi @acaciomelo ,

We’re using the Click Text if the text is constant or fixed, right?
What if it is not constant?

Hi @pprincsipe,

It will get the text from the Data Scraping activity and later you may assign the result to a variable. Therefore, you will use this variable on the Click Text activity.

You can use dynamic selector in the click text activity for selecting the consecutive links. But data scraping would be better as it fetches all the links from different pages.

What if the link cannot be read by using data scrape? :frowning:

When you scrape data from the web you will get an option to take the URL as well.
You can then open all those in a loop and it will be dynamic.

I’m not sure what you mean by the case : cannot read the URL. i guess it will.
Can you give more details if the above is not possible, will be great to have a look.


There are times where the website cannot be read using the data scrape. Like for example the website is restricted. So the website or link is not public. :frowning: