How can I ask UI Path to grab more than one hyperlink from a website? Need to navigate through a data table


I am using Data Scraping to create an extracted data table from a website. The table has maybe 50 rows in it. Each row has a hyperlink to a document. How can I automate this so that UI Path clicks on each hyperlink (currently, it is only clicking the hyperlink I initially selected with a CLICK event).

Here is my logic so far:

  1. Using Data Scrape to create 2 columns of data (call them “DOCUMENT” and “LINK”)
  2. For Each Row of the data table, Assign a variable to DOCUMENT and LINK values (i.e. Document=row(“DOCUMENT”).ToString
  3. If Document = “Filing Receipt” then, CLICK on LINK

This all works except that if Document = “Filing Receipt”, UI Path will always just click on whatever specific LINK that I initially selected. How can I get UI Path to click on the LINK for each different row of the table as it loops through Documents (i.e. DOCUMENT and its LINK should be on the same row).


Hi @SentientPizza,

Use contain rathe than using =
eg row(“DOCUMENT”).ToString.contains(“Filling Receipt”)

Great, thanks Saman.

I ended up taking another approach to get around the issue.

I created a generic INT32 counter variable, assigned this to 0, then, on each loop iteration incremented it by +1.

Then, I fed this variable into the CLICK selector.