UI Elements Error

Hi Team,
In internet explorer i need to click on a UI Elements(Button).
I have used Click Element activity for that sometimes the Element is not getting Clicked properly and Its showing error as “Unable to Click the UI Element” So I have to use “If Condition” in order to overcome the issue.
I will capture the UI element(“GO” button) and will check in the If Condition, if the condition satisfies it will go to then condition there i have give “Do While” activity where it will Click for sometimes till the Condition gets satisfied and in Else condition I have give Image Exist and click image activity but sometimes both these two activity is getting failed…
Is there any other method or activity is in present in order make the condition work.


Why dont you try using Anchor.
Left side you can define you find element and then pass that found element variable to Click activity in Action
It will work that way


Yes, I even tried that. All these activity works fine but on rare case its getting failed. Let say I am doing the click activity for “Go” elements 200 times in a day its getting failed for 4 to 5 times. I want to minimize that error.

Can you show the selectors that you have used.

@Vivek_Arunagiri Please find the xaml file and kindly suggest.
Main.xaml (15 KB)

  • Try using Full Selector with help of UiExplorer. Indicate the element using UiExplorer and select all the selectors and copy it to selector in Click.