Click activity cannot find element until I manually move the cursor. (Salesforce Chrome)

My workflow in salesforce lightning (chrome) keeps getting hung up on a specific click activity. I need it to click a button in a grouping at the top of the page but even though the selector is correct, I have to manually jiggle the mouse or else I get the “Could not find UI element” error.

Here are some things I have tried:
Using SendWindowsMessage, SimulateClick, and the default method
Changing the selector
Repairing the selector on various record pages
Using the AA Framework instead of the Default
Adding an anchor to the group of buttons
Using an Element Exists activity before the click
Placing the activity in a Retry Scope
Adding a click activity that clicks a different part of the page(this works sometimes)

I would like to avoid using the “ClickText” activity if possible.

What else can I try?

It looks like you are trying to create an automation in Salesforce. Salesforce UI selectors changes quite a lot so its always challenging to interact with the UI. Please have a look at UiPath Salesforce Activity Pack which will help you do RPA for Salesforce without interacting with the UI.

Thank you! I will check it out. :+1:

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