Click on save button dropdown item value change to select

using bot select item I am selecting value of dropdown then click on save button.After click on save button dropdown value automatically convert to select.So I am not able to save.
But when I try manual then its work fine and successfully saved.As mention in attachment

@Aditya10989 Can you explain this a bit more in detail?

As mention in above attachment I am selecting referred to drop down value with jennifer fleet then click on save button.but when my BOT click on save button then dropdown value automatic convert jennifer fleet to select.So I am not able to save record.
But when I try to do this manual it is saving record perfectly.if you still have doubt let me know.thanks

@Aditya10989 Click Activity on Save Button, Have you used Simulate Click ?

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@Aditya10989 Can you remove that and check if it works ?


yes its work fine.but I need to run this in background.because I need to process almost 15000 records.this will take almost 8 hours to execute so might be possibility window got locked.So my question without simulate click this will work in background…?

@Aditya10989 You can Try and let me know if it doesn’t work in Background without Simulate Click. But if working in Background is your main concern, and if it is not able to work By a Normal Click in background, then by using Simulate Click you can try by adding a certain delay lets say 1 or 2 sec after you have used Select Item and Before the Click Save button, to check if the Select Item has the Value Selected.

I have doubts if we uncheck simulate then it not work in background…?
and why some time when we enable simulate click then button not work…?

Yes. It doesn’t work in Background.

This may be due to the UI Elements that you are interacting with.

Have you tried using Delay method with Simulate Click and checked it ?

no sorry that method I not able to understand.But I already add delay after each activity to check.after click on save button then it change the dropdown value to select.that means save button event is fired but not able to save because dropdown selected value removed.
and this background system also impact when we deploy in orchestrator…?

@Aditya10989 I’m not quite sure why that happens when using Simulate Click. One other method to check is by replacing the Select Item Activity with a Type Into Activity or Set Web Attribute and Check whether it Clicks the button without changing the dropdown value.

may be the possibility rather then save it refresh the page and drop down change value change to select.and background issue also occur when we deploy in orchestrator…?

@Aditya10989 Can you just do one more Check. By using another Click Activity but not on the save Button. Use it on the any of the Text field and check if it again changes the value in the dropdown and put a Message Box After that and do not let it enter the Click On Save button. This is just to check whether Simulate Click is really the problem or not.

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Yeah, Basically to my understanding simulate click is used to click on a item without the movement of cursor… mostly it works perfect on click, but in rare case some items fails when we use it… At that point uncheck the simulate click…

It works when we run process in background too…

without select simulate its work fine for me.if its work fine background then I got solution.Right now I am not able to check for background.

@Aditya10989 Does Selecting SendWindowsMessages property Work ?

yes its working for SendWindowsMessages

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@Aditya10989 Then that should work even when deployed from Orchestrator.

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thanks for help shall you please give me idea on this issue.

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