Click on minimize button on Notepad window

I’m in the UI Interaction course. I’m doing the demo that should open notepad, write a sentence, minimize the notepad window, and then write another sentence in the background.

I followed all the steps but I can’t select the “minimize” button of notepad and so I’m literally stuck. (Also, impossible to select “Maximize” and “Close”).

“File”, “Edit” etc. are selectable but everything else is considered the entire application.

Here is how the studio manage it when my cursor selection is above “minimize” button : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’m wondering if new studio version, or windows 10, or a notepad version changing since the course and there’s now a different way to make it not updated into the course ?

Use the Minimize window activity.

Maximize also exists.

You can close the application with this.


It works ! Thank you :slight_smile:

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