Click on 'image' which changes color

We’re using UiPath to automate a Windows application (.NET-application), which for the most part works beautifully. However, probably due to the way the tool is designed, several buttons cannot be selected using (Fuzzy) Selectors. We’re not entirely sure why UiPath cannot ‘see’ these buttons - the only thing we notice is, whenever you want to ‘select’ those buttons using UiPath Studio, you can only select the entire application or large parts of it (like ‘the entire right half of the application window’).

We’re using an image selector to find and click the right location on the screen, which is fine, however the application designers threw a new curve ball. The buttons change color depending on the machine the robot uses to automate the application.

Question: is there any way to make UiPath ignore color (like grayscale the selector) without sacrificing precision (the icon needs to match)?
Question 2: can you think of any other work-around?

Hi @stphn ,

Have you tried using Different UI Frameworks ?


Hi @supermanPunch, thanks for the suggestion. Just tried all the available options and tried selecting the element from screen, but none of the frameworks ‘see’ the desired element(s).

What UiPath (or UiPath Explorer) sees is:

The ‘window Dummy’ is about 3/4th of the application window (right side) and contains all kinds of elements (lists, buttons, tables). None can be selected - by none of the frameworks.

We’ve gotten used to this and normally robots using image recognition is working fine, but new application update makes the button(s) (menu elements) change color on different machines.

@supermanPunch sorry I cannot share more of the screen due to the sensitive data in both the Visual Tree as well as the application we’re automating.