How do I perform the automation on the software application where the UiPath does not recognize the UiElements?

Hi Team, (@aksh1yadav, @nimin @pathrudu, @olgu, @anfinrozario, @Vikas.Jain, @ovi, etc )

I am working on the project which requires the robot to go to the client software and perform tasks between multiple screens.

So its some kind of CRM software application where I need to scrape data and also enter data between multple fields.

For this, I wanted to figure out if the UiPath studio was able to locate the particular element in this software application. Hence I used the simple click activity to check if UiPath locates the Ui element.

Unfortunately, it was not able to do this task. As per my knowledge I would have to make use of Image automation.

But as I have heard/experienced, image automation should be(preferably) avoided.

Please let me know if we have some work around it? Also please suggest regarding the approach that I might take.

Thanks and Regards,

did you try attach window (desktop app) or attach browser (web app) to identify in which window you are working?