Citrix Automation Activities

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I am new in uipath, Can someone please tell me for citrix automation what activities should we use.

As i am using CV activities , is it sufficient or something else also we need to use.

Thanks in Advance!!

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Of course CV activity is good enough to automate in Citrix environment

Apart from to know for choices we got
—image based activities like using click image, Find image etc
—or we can use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab or enter or any other key to navigate across the fields in a Citrix window


—we can use Citrix extension getting installed in our Citrix environment so that we will be able to access the elements
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Thankyou so much for quick reply…

one question …
what about citrix recording??

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Yah it either contains the image based activities which will help us to automate process in Citrix
Cheers @Hitesh1

Okay Thanks!!!


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