Click OCR is not working for larger texts

Hi Team,

Click OCR is not working for larger texts …kindly suggest how we can do
In below screenshot i am able to select “Buildings” but i cant able to click on “Employee Benfit cars” and “Employye benfit housing”

Tried with microsoft and google ocr and tried diffarent scale 0-4

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Hi @Naveen.Ch can you share your workflow?

Are you specifically trying to click “Employee Benfit cars” as these is lower case b in benefits
also you have missed the s from benefits.

Click Text or Click OCR wont recognise the text correctly as it is missing the letter and has different capitalisation.

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Kindly try with Click image activity

We can use computer vision activity to click k those image kind of fields

That would work for sure

Cheers @Naveen.Ch

Hi @TimK

While writing the post enter caps and small bit while trying to click providing correct text as per screen

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks for reply

As per client requests we should not use computer vision activities

Hi @Gemlan
Thanks for reply

I should not share the work flow

Then try once with click image activity
Did send hot key activity helped us on this

Cheers @Naveen.Ch

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But i want to click as per each queue name not a static

Then if the list remains same in their order then we can use HOT KEYS with key like down and enter
Cheers @Naveen.Ch

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Hi @Palaniyappan

How we can use hot keys sometimes i want to click on Buildings some time employee benefits cars and etc…

It’s purely depending on transaction wise or queue item wise

Get you use get visible text activity first and the log what that retrieves.

This will allow you to understand if you can click the text or not.

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@ClaytonM @vvaidya
Any suggestions on this
It’s java based application.

Have you tried updating your UiAutomation and System activity packages and the Java Extension to see if elements are selectable?

From my understanding, I think the computer vision essentially are using OCR to accomplish what it is doing in recognizing elements, anyway. However, it’s probably still in beta. But, the main use for the activity package was for applications where you can’t recognize elements.

It’s probably ok to post an image snippet of part of the code such as the Click OCR text activity with the selector used and the properties set when it worked on “Buildings”

I agree that it’s probably a last resort, but using keystrokes will likely work. You would need to hardcode the number of down arrows to select each item, assuming they are always in the same order. Sometimes applications also have other shortcuts that can be used rather than tab and arrow keys. Then, based on the transaction item, pull the number that goes with it from, for example, an array.

arr1={"Land","Buildings","Production Machines"}
arrows = arr2( arr1.IndexOf(transactionItem.SpecificContent("key").ToString) )

TypeInto Enumerable.Repeat("[k(down)]", arrows)

You might also research on how to Inject Js into your application, which might be an option.

I’m not an expert on Java apps though :upside_down_face:

Going back to your first solution using OCR…

Try using Get OCR to see what text it is actually looking at.

Try changing the resolution to see if the size of the screen can help. Or if you can zoom the application individually would be better. (Note: resolution would not be a good method, but you could use the Launch Interactive maybe so it only impacts that one process when deployed)

Try maximizing application to see if window position or size matters.

Good Luck!