Read PDF online in CHrome - the best activity for this

I’m trying to read the PDF opened online in the Chrome browser. I tried Get text, Get Full text and Get Visible text in the attached browser, and they all don’t work. They retrieve the text but it’s not from the opened pdf document. Also if I try the select text I cannot actually SELECT any text on the open document but rather it selects the whole page. Why is this ?
I also tried Screen scrapping but it crashed the UI Studio. I have UI Path Web Automation extension installed and active in my Chrome browser.


Try using computer vision activities.

Thanks a lot. I will try the CV later however now I’d prefer to resolve it by the standard UI Path activities.
Are there any which work ?

Hi Michael,

Did you find a way to get text of PDF opened in a web browser. If yes, could you please share how we can get text.


CV is standard, that activity pack is not in beta phase.

But, what I do is relative data scraping to get the desired value that I want

In some cases the link will take a user to a pdf file, that is not saved on the local hard drive yet.
Yes, in Chrome there’s a panel on top with buttons to download or print, but in IE it’s one selector and buttons are not visible by default. But hotkeys still work. Use Ctrl+P to print, or Ctrl+Shift+S to save the file, and then you can work with the file using UiPath activities