Click is not happening at the run time

Hi All

The bot is not clicking on the search icon of a web page. Selector is highlighting, icon is appearing on the screen properly but at run time not sure why its not clicking.

What could be the possible solution? Kindly help.


Are you using Click Image or Click activity?

Check with a delay and also check is there any selector which will identifies element better

Hope this helps


Click activity.


Can you share the selector of the element?

Also some screen of the element


ele ser icon
sel ser


Instead of idx, you can try on other selectors which are more reliable


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Already tried the same. No use.
And this thing used to work very smoothly earlier. Suddenly it stopped working and then onwards its just stopped working.

Hi @kkp,

  1. You can make use of click Image .

  2. The icon is a search icon - assuming you have typed something and then you are attempting to click … You can send a hotkey enter inside he type into activity.

If you are not typing anything , then possibly look for some keyboard shortcuts that fires the search action and intimate the same using the send hot keys …