Why Click activity is recognizing element lately?

Hello everyone!
I am doing browser automation and also click activity is clicking the element i want but lately.
How can i resolve this problem ?

Hi @Prabin_Chand,
some times that happens due to not accurate selector so robot take long time to detect the element then take action or maybe element take time to appear.

so what should i do now ? to detect it fast

please give a look in below URL it will help you to identify your issue:


You can try with getting a selector with few more static values…

So when UiPath searches for selector it tends to go through the ui tree and in that if we give enough attributes then it might get little quicker


Hi @Prabin_Chand ,

Has the click activity not been working for you lately?
Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

You could try playing around with the Input Methods(Simulate, Send Windows Key, Hardware, Chromium API),


or you could switch the UI Framework from Default to Active Accessibility and see if that brings about any noticeable change.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

it is working for me lately. but i want it to work fast