Click activity is just passing without clicking and without any error

Hi All

I have to click on a search icon which creates a text box to type. Sometimes the bot passes to the type into activity without clicking. It doesn’t throw any error as well. And in the next activity i.e type into it throws Selector Not Found error as the text box has not appeared due to the click issue.

Why does this happen ?

Have you checked the Simulate click option of the click activity?

Yes its Checked.

Try unchecking it and run. Sometimes the simulate click doesn’t throw error even though the element is not clicked .

Oh! Thanks

I will give a try this.

Thanks a lot Its working after unchecking the Simulate Click property.

But i am curious to know that why it was not working by checking the Simulate Click property? Simulate Click is required for background automation right ?

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Yeah @kkp, Simulate click is not compatible for some selectors, so even if the selector is valid the simulate click gets executed but never throws an error in such case.

I also faced this issue. I ran in the debug mode and set the highlight element on. I saw that the right element was found but the click activities was just passed without clicking anything and no exception occurs.

Finally, I set the click activity cursor position to top-left and the x-y offset both to 10. It works!