Trouble in dynamic selector with MS Form date picker

Dear All

I have some trouble in MS form date picker.
I want to use RPA to help me create form every month

I had a excel to run a for each row to help me change the title and pick a end date

I am using dynamic selector to control which date i need to pick

From 1st to 26th and 31th is fine, but when the loop running 27th to 30th, it will select 27 to 30 Sep for me (highlighted in yellow)

Is there any way to fix this issue ??

Hi @bschk

You can also use Get Attribute Activity to get an aastate attribute if it is disabled then it’s value will be unavailable, focusable and if it is enabled then it’s value will be focusable .
according to this activity output you can proceed further

If you need more clarification Please let me know.


Thx for your reply.
But the button “27” at Sep is only colour in grey, the function is fine, i guess my problem is when the loop running to 27, then it will find aaname = 27 for me and due to Sep 27 is the first one it find, so it click 27 Sep for me ( that why 1 to 26 and 30 is running perfectly).

I find aria-label but tried to add in selector aria-label = ’ * Oct 2020’ but not work