Click image : inconsistent

Click image : inconsistent.
It works for 10 records and then it does not.
How do i make the click image consistent.
I need to do this for 2000 records everyday …

It has to click : image
and then click MidPoint reschedule:
image .

But the 1st click works well for for 4 -5 , sometimes 10 records but after that it does not click at all and my process fails.

My uipath script:


Did you try to use UiExplorer ?

Use a click activity instead and find a reliable selector.


You are right, but my case is not that simple.
Let me try to explain you.

This is the webpage where i need to update: [black boxes are intentionally used to conceal data]

Now bot is

  1. Searching a Work order
  2. Navigating to Operations Tab
  3. From excel source file getting which operation code to edit.
    Selector used dynamically :
    It selects the required operation code.
  4. It then needs to click the right most button of the selected Operation code, highlighted in red:
    Say 40 operation code needs to be edited. So 40 got selected, no wit will click the red highlighted rightmost button on the page

Currently to select the above I am using click image. But say at times it works till 50 records and then it may not work. at times it may not work even after 5 records. So I am not getting the consistency.
So as u suggested use click with apt selector:
See i can use this selector :

but idx= 4 will select 4 th operation code, if it is 7, it will select the 7th operation code, 3 will select the 3rd .
So how do i make it dynamic.
As I am already selecting the operation code dynamically.
So can i link the two selectors??

You will need to work with this


I have tried anchor, but 90% times i get : “message”: “Anchor Find Element 'SPAN ’ : Activity timeout exceeded”

anchor never works.

I have replaced all click image with simple Click activity using dynamic selectors. But how do i attain the consistency, affirming that it will always click the required button and never fail for say all 400 records.

Hi @Mallika,

Consistency of an input activity depends upon the selector and it’s reliability…
Can you just check which property or attribute of selector is deflecting with other records…?
If you want to use click image and if there is an impact of resolution then , how about reducing the image accuracy to 0.5 or something nearer which works all the records.?

Best Regards,
Santosh Pothina

I have removed Click Image and replaced all by click with dynamic selectors.
But still consistency is not achieved, It worked for 41 records out of 200 and then failed to click the particular dropdown that was expected it to do or has done for the prior 41 records.