Click Image Activity not following TimeoutMS property

I notice that the “Click Image” activity was not following the TimeoutMS property. I set timeout to 150ms, and to click something that is not currently on screen. The activity does not throw an error at 150ms, it keeps searching the screen for the image.

Expected behaviour is for the activity to throw an error at the time I specify. This was not happening.

Error appears in version 19.3.0 of the “UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities” package.

I’m using the latest version of Windows 10 Pro.

Error was reproduced in both latest community edition of UiPath Studio (I installed this as a fresh install of community edition yesterday) and in UiPath Studio 2018.4.5.

I found a fix to this error by downgrading the “UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities” package from 19.3.0 to 18.4.5. At the same time I downgraded the “UiPath.System.Activities” package from 19.3.0 to 18.4.2.

It seems the Timeout works again for the click image activity. I think the Click Image activity is found in “UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities” so I believe downgrading that package was the solution.

Hi @oscar

Strange, I’ve just tested it for myself both on 2019.3 with UiAutomation and System packages version 19.3.0 and it seems to be working on my end (immediate exception with Timeout set to 0ms or appropriately delayed when set to a higher value)

I’ve also tested with 2019.4 beta version of Studio and it also works well.

Could you maybe attach small project sample that causes the misbehavior on your end? It would be nice to see.


Sure. I’m not at the computer right now, but when I am I will gather the project sample and a short video displaying the bug.

Hi @loginerror

I have confirmed the bug once again. You can watch a video of the click image activity not timing out as expected. It should time out immediately, since TimeoutMS is set to 0ms; but it takes an entire 30 seconds to time out.

It seems this error comes about when I have the latest version (19.3.0) of the default packages installed. I did a clean install of UiPath Community Edition, which is currently running as 2019.3.0.

Here you can download the workflow I used to test the activity.

ClickImage_V1.xaml (11.8 KB)

Strange, eh!? I wonder if you will be able to recreate the issue.

Please ask me any more questions that you may have. I would be glad to help get to the bottom of this bug.

Hi @oscar

I managed to reproduce your issue and reported it to our team. It will be taken care of :slight_smile:

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Great! Glad you can reproduce the bug, @loginerror. That means I’m not crazy after all!

I’ll be sure to report more bugs as I notice them.

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This should be fixed with the next 20.12 release of the System and UIAutomation activities.

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