Click Image activity not working inside for each row loop

I am working on a citrix application.


  1. Click on the icon “Fwd”.
  2. Form will be displayed after Step 1. Fill the details.
  3. Repeat step 1 again to enter details for the next record.

To fill the details i am using for each row activity( as i have 10 records of data).
For step 3 above, I am using a click image activity in the for each row body.Its giving “Uipath.core.ImageOperationExecution” with message “bad input roi”.

Note: I am using the same click image activity for step 1 and 3(image remains the same before and after the click). I tried changing the image as well.

Please help

@rameshgp43 Try with Computer vision Activity

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Hi @rameshgp43

I have found some solutions to this problem on the fourm:

  1. Add a Delay before for the click activity - OpenCV: Bad input roi - #3 by diego.alves.montania

  2. I had this problem once where I set a clipping region before the click activity and did not reset it, so please check if you are - maybe accidentally - have set a clipping region.

I have given the delay…not working

It’s working now…its just that sometimes it could not recognize for reasons unknown. Deleting the specific activities and creating them again will solve the issue

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