Citrix Automation Difficulties

Hello, I’m trying to perform a click activity on rows in a table present in a Citrix App.
In fact I want to click on the first row of the table in order to perform other actions after it (Since by clicking I have the details of the info contained in the row open). After having obtained the info the first row cancelled itself and the second row becomes the first.
There are many rows (1000) and few columns (5).
Moreover I’m Afraid the robot could click on another row instead of the first one eache time I perform the click on the first row when using a Loop.
Could someone please help me in the use of the correct activity here to perform the click on first row? Is there a method to deal with the table extracting it and saving it to a csv or excel file? I’m open to any suggestion.
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Did we try with COMPUTER VISION activities
If we have any solid image along that first row and in the remaining rows as well then we can try with CLICK IMAGE activity itself which will work for sure

Cheers @leandre


@Palaniyappan Hi
I will try the CV activities and let you know…Thanks in advance.
I’ve tried to use Click Region it seems to work for now, but It won’t work for all the rows of my table…Could you advice me?


If the image is same for all and remains same then we can use CLICK IMAGE activity