OpenCV bad input roi




Today I run a robot but I got the following error:

Error Message “OpenCV: Bad input roi”

I would like to know what does this error mean.

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Hi @tendoab

We need more information: what is your process, which activity is giving this error?


Hi @ovi

what is your process?

the robot operate web application using citrix to dolwload an csv file.

which activity is giving this error?

sorry but I counldn’t identify which activity is giving this error because this robot doesn’t have enough log to investigate an Error.

- maybe:  click(citrix), wait image vanish, delay

Do you know any activites that throws this error message?

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Its either WaitImageVanish or Click if the click is image based - opencv is for images.
This can be a pain to repro, but in the meantime can you make a backup and recreate the image based activities? Or at least recapture the images.


Ia this the first time you run on citrix, has it been working in the past?
Can you identify if other image activities work?


@ all - Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? I have been facing the same error for past one day. Earlier it was working but now it seems to be throwing error? Can anyone please help?


Please try to give selector,
there issues are mostly related to selector in image too