Click Dynamic rows in a webpage

Hi All,

Iam trying to click a row the below page (there will be no row numbers mentioned)

and the number of row(in this case it “2” the last string) to be clicked should be taken from a invoice number
example : abcd-12344-567889-2

Iam able to perfom click only when the 2nd row is visible or curser is scrolled to 2nd row.

Problem : if i have to click 25th row… click activity is not able search that row and click or not getting activated.

If i manually scroll to 25th row it will click.
Is there any way to activate that particular row before clicking ?


Hi Charitha,

Can you share the selector / image of the selector you have found for the second row.

Are all rows available or is there pagination?

You can try to amend the properties of the click activity.

Target - Element Visability = None
Options - Input Mode - Simulate

Hi Tim,


Please find the Selector images.
id = salesline_dct_itemtype_(some random dynamic number for each row)0(Actuall row number)_input

No All rows are not available. We will have to scroll manually to find row. Also there is no View all invoices

try to zoom out before click

@Charitha_Manne Is there any way to search the related row data. For ex if it second row can we search any related data for second row so that it appears at the top then you can perform click

What’s after parentid in the Unselected Items list?

we have a scrollbar at the end… which is why its not able to find hidden rows.

Also there is no search option neither expand all rows not working

noo there is no search option

How many rows are displayed at one time in the table?

You will then need to use a do-while loop etc to find the relevant row in the datatable by scrolling if the selector is really unavailable if not visible.

One option is to use arrow keys to navigate the table - click on the first cell and arrow down X times to reach your relevant row.