Dynamic table rows

I am trying to click through each row in a table on a website and do something. The rows returned could increase or decrease. Each row expands when you click on it and then I have to do something.

Below is the table with columns and rows on the website. The rows have the dates in them.

Below is the XML from the data scraping:

Any help or even an example would be greatly appreciated.

Could you use the UI Explorer to look at the selectors for each row? Is there an attribute for Row Index, which would increment by 1 for each row. This would make it easy to do what you want to do.

Hello @Nenna_Anya ,

Instead of the column number you need to get the RowNum to loop through each Rows. Please use Ui explorer and check whether any attributes like idx or RowNum is available. If it there you can use a while loop and pass the counter to the selector to make the RowNum dynamic inside the click activity.