Click Command clicking twice

HI, @supermanPunch

I’m using click command,but it’s clicking the object twice(double)
However i have selected the single click option.


@mitul_choudhary Which Click Activity do you want to Indicate, Is it the Click on Remove or Click on Apply ?

it’s shown is screen shot.

click on remove @supermanPunch


Check the selectors of both click activities, hope those are pointing to same object

Hope this helps



As u can see,click on remove “selector”

@mitul_choudhary Can you just check with Click Activity on the Remove button? Comment all other Clicks and check if it Clicks on Remove button

Or Create a new Sequence called Test, Test just the Click Activity on Remove there.

Also if possible open the Selector in UiExplorer, so that we can check if any other suitable attributes are available

Try to set the property ‘Wait for Ready: COMPLETE’ and check on ‘Simulate Click’

Yes i have mada a test sequence copy paste that click activity there,it’s clicking once that means working fine.
But in main file it’s clicking twice.
However i have attached the screen shot above of the selector of main click activity located in main file.

pls suggest anything else needed to resolve this issue.

@mitul_choudhary It would mean other Click Activities that you use are indicating the same button as well. So what are the other Click Activities used. or you can just check if the attributes are matching, also To all the Click Activities that you use, Try Setting the WaitForReady Property to COMPLETE and also enable Simulate Click and check if it works


I suggest you check the click activities selectors, some click activity is pointing to the remove object


You can re scrape for the click activities you have

Hope this helps you


@mitul_choudhary WaitForReady is not an Activity :sweat_smile:, It is a Property of Click Activity, You can see it in the Properties Panel of Click Activity

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Tried again it’s clicking twice.

@mitul_choudhary Then i guess there should be another Click having the same kind of Selector , Check Each of the Click Activities Separately one by one in Test Sequence, You can then get to know if it is really the problem of other click Activity or the design problem

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Pls recheck from yr side.

Thanksdynamic_mtc.xaml (341.6 KB)

Pls recheck from yr side.

Thanksdynamic_mtc.xaml (341.6 KB)
pls HELP…!@Venugopal24 @Majed @Srini84

pls HELP…!@Venugopal24 @Majed @Srini84 @supermanPunch

@mitul_choudhary I have looked into the workflow, but considering the Sequence is having a large set of activities, you should divide the whole workflow into different Workflows, and then Invoke them accordingly. So that It can be easier to understand, Debug and get the problem understood faster, if you have everything in a Single Sequence, It will just take more time to Scroll the activities itself, also it puts up a bit of confusion, Since you’re dealing with too many click activiites. :sweat_smile:

Pls recheck from your end i have tried enough from my side.

Thanks 4 understanding.

i have tried using seperate sequence,even the recorders but then it works(click once).

But as soon as i run bot from start it click on remove twice(that’s a problem) & after that all functions run properly.

pls help @Venugopal24 @krish21 @peter.hutton
dynamic_mtc.xaml (357.1 KB)