Click button can't find the UI element


I am trying to click on a sign out button on a web page.
For this, I am using a click activity but for some reason, it is not working. Also, I used the click image activity for the same but it is still unable to click the sign-out button. I also tried to drag and select some portion through the click activity in order to set the clipping region but it didn’t work.

what must be the solution to this problem?


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did you try sending hot key??

@Pradeep_Shiv No.
How am I supposed to use that?

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can i see the Screen shot of page you are trying to automate??

I am sorry @Pradeep_Shiv i can’t share it

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no problem if you are trying to login
when using TypeInto for password you can use it like this “yourPassword[k(enter)]”

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Sign-out is a text? image ?
If Text? Try Click Text activity (instead of Click Activity)

also pls review your selector with UiExplorer and do the ‘Highlight’ to verify is it pointed to the correct selector or not.

@Pradeep_Shiv I think my words were not clear. The issue is while signing out not during logging in but during logging out. i am not able to click the log out button

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my bad, did we try using Anchor Base and try to indicate on it??

@diptojyotidutta Can you share the selector what you used for click activity
If it is website related then mostly it is selector issue … try taking the static selector using UI-explorer

@GBK, ok i will try it and let you know

@Pradeep_Shiv, no not yet, let me try it then and then i will let you know

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@diptojyotidutta sure

was this issue resolved?

We are facing a similar issue of not being able to click a particular dropdown selector, which holds the logout button.

The funny thing is that we used an activity ‘On Element Appear’ and tried finding the element first before clicking it…and it was found then. In fact the Click also worked the first time. But from the next run the element was not found and it was erroring out saying ‘Action timed out’.

Any help?-

When navigating through a dropdown, i usually find it easiest to use the recording function. It lets you perform the steps you want it to do and generate the activities for it.