Click at precise location

I need to leverage some click down/up activities, but at specific locations on the screen - not bound to elements. Resolution and item position are absolute and constant. However I can’t seem to find the activity or property of the click activity that will let me specify a precise XY coordinate at which to execute the click.

Any ideas?

give a try by using a click activity with the selector to e.g. Apllication Window and modifying the ClippingRegion to the targeted XY Position

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Aha! Brilliant! That works! Now how to get highlighted text into a variable…

maybe get text activity can be used in the same manner with regulating the region, give a try on it

Looks like a Copy Selected Text can push to a “Result” string variable output. Total Victory! Thanks @ppr

Once you have final tested and it is running just close the topic by marking the solving post as solution. So others can benefit from it. Thanks

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