If I have position of selector how can i click?

Hello all!

I hava a selector and using get attribute i have position of selector. How can i click?
For example:


When i used offset x and offset y, not working.


Where do you want to click?
Each value means as the following.



Hi @Yoichi ,

Middle of height


If you want to click point by coordinate, can you try as the following?

First, attach Desktop using UseApplication/Browser activity then set UiElement variable at output property.
Next, put Click activity and set the above UiElement variable at Input property.
And set offset information : Anchoring position : TopLeft, Offset X : x + w>>1 , Offset Y : y + h>>1
Set Hardware Event at Input mode.

BTW, if you already have uielement variable, is it difficult you can use it directly?