Unable to perform Click activity with Cursor Position with same values given in Clipping Region

The clipping region when specified with hard coded values works for selecting a region by CLICK UP and CLICK DOWN.

When i dump the values of the location of object, able to get the X=1201,Y=883,Width=62,Height=22}, ] LEFT: 1201 TOP: 883 RIGHT: 1263 BOTTOM: 905"

If i pass the same values given in the clipping region as variables to Cursor Position click activity. The CLICK DOWN and CLICK UP do not work. Please let me know what values from the above needs to passed to the OffsetX and OffsetY of the Cursor position.

This is the exact X=1201,Y=883 clipping region values if passed works fine. But the same when given to the CLICK DOWN and CLICK UP does not work.

The solution is the find the mouse position for the element using the tool given in this link below:

So from the co-ordinates got , LEFT, TOP, RIGHT , BOTTOM need to selected as Cint(item.Key.Left/2) ,Cint(item.Key.Top/2) ,Cint(item.Key.Right/2) ,Cint(item.Key.Bottom/2) and these values need to passed as integers to Cursor Position OffsetX and OffsetY of CLICK activities with CLICK DOWN and CLICK UP.

It selects the region similar to clipping region entry in the Click activity.

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