Make click event on screen pixel

I want to let the program make a click on a specific pixel.

I tried clicking elements but i had very bad results with it, and since the clicks will always be on the same pixel of the screen, I would like to tell UIpath to click a certain pixel instead of a UIelement. A pixel as a total of the “computer-screen” or as a total of the “program-screen” should both be fine as they will be in the same place all the time.

Thank you!

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you can use click activity and i hope this will be useful for u!!!

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I know there is the “click” option, but there is only the option to choose elements, and not a certain pixel on screen.

I include a picture with the action that I use, maybe there is some option or another action than I can use?

Thanks for your reply!

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Give a try on specifying it over the ClippingRegion


you can try to use Anchor base, We d not have specific activity to click on specific pixels but we can keep something as reference and from that element with exact pixels we can click using anchor base.

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This is only working on static pages as your pattern uses fixed texts. When a script creates a table on the fly (like MS Dynamics do) you will not be able to select the element. You would need a function like compare the Label text in the control with a value in a variable. With that you could manage even big grids of


I do not find this activity in my StudioX, please specify the path to this activity.