Click and Drag to select items

Hi, i want to export items to csv file, but in the application, to select the items you can only click the 1st item then drag the mouse until the end (also shift + down arrow) to select all the items. Is there a way to do this?


Hi @strider

Is it possible to select all items clicking the 1st item then press shift and click the last item ?

Some options are
For Each UI Element Activity to click for each item
Find Children to click in the 1st element then click the last element using index


Hi @rikulsilva, thanks for the reply. Already solve this by sending a ‘shift key’ and select the last item.

For the ‘For Each UI Element Activity’, seems this activity is only for web application.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, sorry. I didn’t pay attention about the target application

But good to know that you already solve it @strider

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